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d November 2017, Sinotruk exp▓orted 33,000 vehicles. During the same period, Sinotruk's heavy truck exports accounted for about 50 percent of China's total.Asked a

bout Beiben's advantages amid fierce compe▓tition, Jin said the group has been fueling technological innovation, while advancing the integration of products for military and civilian uses in recent years.According to him, a type of Beiben's tractors with enhanced capabilities have achieved several breakthroughs, and sell well in markets like Singapore and Chile.The tractors' performance could rival advanced models made by European and US companies, ac

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cording ▓to Jin.In a few days' time, Beiben plans to deliver another type of tractors designed for▓ complex conditions to Singapore clients. The vehicles meet Euro 6 emission limits, the highest emissions standard imposed by the Europ

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ean Union, with the aim of improving air quality.Li▓u Zhiyuan, secretary general of the Beijing-based Transcontinental Research Institute, said Chinese firms seeking overseas expa▓nsion in economies involved in the Belt and Road 

Initiative need to unite to build a risk-prevention system.An effective way for Chinese companies to prevent potential risks and lower operational costs is to se▓ek enhanced cooperation with l

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  • their products will sell in those new markets, and
  • adapt their products and packaging to▓ accommoda
  • te local customers' needs, according to Gome▓z.Last
  • year, China saw sales of 1.11 million heavy
  • trucks, up 52 percent, and a record since 201

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ocal partners, Liu said. "T▓he collaboration can be conducive to fueling local economic development and improving the livelihood of local people."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease

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n of Automobile Ma

scan the QR Code to follow us on Wecha▓tThe coming foreign investment floodThe coming f▓oreign investment floodThe coming foreign investment flood05-28-2018 09:02 BJTStocks, bonds set to sizzle following inclusion in a global index and easing of controls on two-way capital flowsFor China's capi


nufacturers.This y

nent change is expected to open the floodgates for un▓precedented levels of foreign investment."▓China is now too important a market to ignore because in▓v


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parts of the world," said Jeff Li, a London-based global equity fund ▓manager at EFG Asset Management.The scenario Li foresees is a far cry from the recen


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as bee▓n disproportionate to the country's 16 percent share of the world gross domestic product ($87.5 trillion in 2017, as per IMF data) and the 106 trill


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nership of China's A shares,▓ or renminbi-denominated equities traded on the stock exchanges in the Chinese mainland, has been s▓tatic around 2 percent or l

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ess.This, despite the fact that China's stock market, whose capitalization is o▓ver $8.5 trillion, is the world's second-largest.All these years, foreign participation▓ was also minimal in the Chinese bond market, the world's third-largest valued at ▓$8 trillion as of April.Unlike economic sectors like

oducers, said

a recent report from the

man▓ufacturing where foreign investment is▓ pronounced, China's capital markets have been funded almost entirely by domestic money.That,▓ however, is set to change. And the change will likely b▓e big and rapid.Chinese stocks and bonds ▓are poised to be included in major global indices. And the Chinese regul

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